Dear Brother Knights,

Knights of Columbus insurance has been “Making a Difference for Life” for more than 120 years. Since our founding in 1882, our primary mission has been to protect families against the financial ruin caused by the death of the breadwinner. Today we do this, and help families secure their financial futures, through our top-rated portfolio of life insurance, long term care insurance and annuity products.

If you would like more information, please contact me via phone/email:

Walker Bormann, FIC
2627 29th Ave.
Marion, Iowa 52302
Cell: (563) 219-5800 / Office: (563) 689-6801

Or simply tour the Supreme Council website to learn more about the insurance products available. In addition, here is a short video from CNBC as the advantages of owning permanent life insurance are discussed.


Walker Bormann, Field Agent
(563) 219-5800

Knights of Columbus Insurance Receives Highest Ratings

(NEW HAVEN, CT) — Two top rating firms have reaffirmed giving their highest ratings for the Knights of Columbus insurance program. Both A.M. Best and Standard & Poor’s concluded this week that the 127-year-old Catholic fraternal order’s financial strength and stability remains strong despite a slumping economy.

This marks the 34th consecutive year in which the Knights of Columbus has earned A.M. Best’s A++ (Superior) rating, and the 17th successive year the Order has earned the AAA (Extremely Strong) rating from S&P.

Supreme Knight Carl A. Anderson declared that renewal of the Order’s top ratings is especially significant in the current economic environment. “Our history of careful management and our conservative investment practices made all the difference when last year’s severe downturn punished virtually every financial services company. The wisdom of that approach is now affirmed by the decision by A.M Best and Standard & Poor’s to reaffirm their highest ratings for us. Our mission, to provide financial security for our members and their families with top-quality insurance products, remains our number one priority.”

Over the past decade, the amount of Knights of Columbus insurance in force has more than doubled, to $73 billion. The Knights of Columbus is also certified by the Insurance Marketplace Standards Association (IMSA) for ethical and honest business practices. It is one of only three U.S. insurers with both IMSA certification and top ratings from S&P and A.M. Best, and the only insurance company in Canada to do so. Additionally, the Knights of Columbus has donated more than $1.325 billion to charity, and provided nearly 626 million hours of volunteer service in support of charitable initiatives worldwide.